About us

Mark and Hans

We are two experienced and driven math teachers who yearly teach over 400 students. We are convinced and have experienced that every student can improve their math skills. It's a combination of: getting the right motivation, different hands-on approaches, sufficient training and guidance.

The fun we have in teaching and seeing the success of our students has inspired us to develop multiple Math Games. We have developed 'Cijferstorm' in dutch or 'Numberstorm' as here on the site. In origin it's a card game to improve the basic operations. Although it was design for teaching, we discovered it's also well received as an at home game. Even grandmas ordered it to play with their grandchildren.

'Rekenduo' is another game we developed to help build a conceptual math framework. For four different levens different domains are mapped out and memorization of the concepts is achieved to improve the math skills.

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