Rekenteam in Julianadorp

Rekenteam in Julianadorp

Rekenteam is an experienced company that provides guidance in teaching Math.

About Rekenteam

Our strength lies in personal attention and custom teachings for a student. With the right motivation the students will pass. We are two experienced and driven math teachers who are convinced that every student can improve their math skills

Step by step we analyze the starting level of our student. Progress is closely kept and we will update you frequently.

Every test and exercise we closely monitor progress and try to pinpoint the problem areas. With our custom student monitoring we keep all progress in view.

As we found a problem area, we will start to practice and improve this area. So we do not only improve students in math, but also their reading skills as they may not understand the full context of the exercises.

This approach gives the student confidence and insight in their skills and capabilities. For more information visit